I lead the way because I know you have my back.


When he is confident and points to his lap, it is as straight-forward as a dictionary. Between ‘strength’ and ‘trust’, exists ‘surrender’. It takes minimal courage; it requires little faith. He leads with ease and she follows with certainty.

This — this way his body sighs — is different. He is tired. He hurts. Accustomed to his vulnerability, she is, however, a stranger to his defeat.

In her presence, he has always remained unbroken.

Today, he sits. He stares at her, his silence a symphony of emotion. Today it is not dominance which commands her to his side, but the slope of his shoulders which moves her.

She edges herself between his thighs — a location of familiarity — and cradles his head between her breasts. As he has done for her, she allows him as many inhales and exhales as he needs. As he has done for her, she allows him this weakness without questioning his strength.

She stands there, caressing his neck and smoothing his hair, while he collects himself — just as he has done for her.

Today he may not spank her.

She will lead him to the bedroom. She will unfold the covers and they will curl together, his hand moving up and down with the slowing rhythm of her heart.

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  • D says:

    You’re very astute at reading all kinds of body language. You perceive what’s behind certain looks and the emotions they project. Better still, you respond intuitively to them.

  • SpankCake says:

    A moment of His vulnerability, tended to with such love… a gift only you can return to its sender.



  • Kaelah says:

    Very beautifully written, Pink! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    There is only one little thing which I see in a different way. For me, showing vulnerability and hurt isn’t weakness (you wrote that „she allows him this weakness“). In my view it is (or at least it can be) a sign of strength, self-confidence and trust.

    • Pink says:

      I completely agree and perhaps wasn’t clear it was not perceived as a weakness by me — but rather by him. Permitting himself that vulnerability is absolutely a strength and a sign of a confident man.

      Thanks, Kaelah! I definitely didn’t mean to insinuate that he is actually weak. (Quite the opposite!)


      • Kaelah says:

        Sorry that I got this wrong, Pink! I thought the sentence meant that the woman in the story perceived his vulnerability as a sign of weakness.

        I guess may men would consider showing their vulnerability a weakness because this is how men are still often raised. And I think that, unfortunately, quite a few women also want men who don’t show any vulnerability. Which is a shame in my opinion. Of course we can’t show our vulnerability everywhere (for example, not in a work environment) but I think we all have moments in which we feel hurt and vulnerable, and it is wonderful to have the possibility to share these moments with a loved one without having to be afraid about being seen as weak.

        That’s why I find your post so wonderful and why it resonates so much with me. 🙂

        • Pink says:

          I love when the “safe haven” so often offered to me is able to be reciprocated. It’s a testament to him, to me, and to our relationship. 🙂

          We are totally on the same page!

  • Emen says:

    What a woman he has.

  • Cruel says:

    Pink you say the nicest things in the kindest ways.


  • Jay says:

    Pink, where were you for so many days? Missed you a lot! Please send you reports every week or so!

  • Lea says:

    Beautiful post. Everyone needs a good cuddle sometimes.

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