Tuesday Tingles

From Sir Cane.

This Guy is Funny (Bright Bottom)

Like Father, Like Son (Sweet Surrender)

A Beginner’s Guide to Spanking (Spanked, not Silenced)

They all @#$%ing hurt (Erica Scott)

Spankenfreude (Blossom & Thorn)

Silenced (Lea’s Corner)

Pilot Light Lover (No Domme Blonde)

Bedroom Capers (Disciplined Behavior)

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  • Spanky says:

    Thanks for the mention!

  • Michael says:

    Great set of tingles, Miss Pink, they are all excellent and I had missed a few so thanks for giving me a clue. And of course thank you so much for including Blossom and Thorn among your selections. Season and I liked Zelle’s “The Pilot Light Lover” so much we added it to our favorites pages.

    • Pink says:

      Oh, great choice!

      And ‘Spankenfreude’ is so perfectly illustrated with both words and photos in your post. Nicely done!

  • Michael says:

    Also, LOVE that photo of the two naughty painters, Miss Pink. Excellently fun and sexy.

  • Kitty says:

    Thanks so much for the mention! I really appreciate it:).


    • Pink says:

      Your revelation fascinated me — could the spanking gene be, in part, hereditary? Environmental? Thanks for sharing that post with us, Kitty.

  • Emen says:

    Thank you so much for doing this every week. But there’s just no way. I have limited time on line, I’m using a computer that’s older than water and I’m still on dialup. Yes, we’re stlil out here. I try, I try, I try to read it all. But you know what a labor of love it is to post a comment? Takes the wretched thing 20 minutes to clank over to the page which then locks up and tries to reload with every character I type. End of rant.

    Spanky’s hysterical. Thank you

    • Pink says:

      Emen, Emen….this will be my ode to you.

      Damn…short ode..I’ve got nothing. I’m trying to comprehend dial-up and what perseverance you must have to make comment! I really appreciate it. If I were you, my computer would be on the bottom of a very large hill by now.

      But don’t do that. I love hearing from you!


  • Pandora says:

    Thanks for the link, lovely one! Awesome collection of tingles, as usual – I’m in flatteringly excellent company πŸ™‚

    • Pink says:

      You make so many points in that post that would have saved me much heartache. Anyone starting out (or even “experts”) would do themselves a favor by reading what you’ve written.

  • Ronniesoul says:

    Thanks for the links Pink. Missed a few of them. Spanky’s blog is always worth a visit.


    • Pink says:

      I’ve just discovered Spanky’s blog and have been entertained since.

      Hello, Ronnie. I hope you’re having a good week!


  • Newt says:

    After careful examination and ruminations… I suspect that these two ladies are not real painters. Lol. I am surprised how hot I find them. Perhaps its the circa late 80’s early 90’s attire. ;0 Yes, that must be it. I am after all a Fashionista in my spare time. Who wouldn’t want wear the high-waisted Daisy Dukes and aerobic Reeboks? Why, I just wore my white painter cap the otherrrr…. Yeah.( apologies to those still rocking this look- You go girl! Fierce!!)

    Tuesday tingles was def a Weds wake-up call- Hawt! Sometimes late to the party is not so bad.

    Although, I have read Zelle’s Pilot Light Lover post multiple times at this point.(Who said kissass? Who?) (sheepish grin)Can’t help it, I just lurv it. I wish it could be printed out poster size for gals to hang above their beds (or closets) to remind them to slow down, enjoy where they are, because it just gets better as each year passes-If you embrace it and let it. I tried to leave some praise in the comment section, but it freezes my screen. *Sigh* Zelle was laying down the sage badass wisdom for reals.

    Gotta run. Busy day of ripping exposed seams into all my duds ala Flashdance.

    • Pink says:

      The sad thing is your exposed seams and Reebok high-tops are making a comeback. (Perhaps not to our closets, but a closet near you.) The only thing missing are bright yellow, plastic earrings…umm. I have some of those (for Halloween, of course).

      Zelle was laying down the sage badass wisdom for reals. What does a snort look like in letters? I suspect: khnughch.

      • Newt says:

        Pink, this will be our little secret of course. I might, might- mind you, have a off the shoulder, exposed seam, throwback sweatshirt. It , might resemble circa 1980’s Flashdance gear. There could also be a pair of Madonna lace fingerless gloves, a few dozen O ring bracelets and a pair of black parachute pants from the Limited/Express somewhere hiding in my Boudoir closet.

        However I draw the line at aerobic Reeboks and *legwarmers.
        *except the Betsey Johnson pair the Suitor purchased for my Xmas stocking. Those don’t count.

        • Pink says:

          While we’re trading secrets, I should confess that I fully embrace the leg warmers over tights look, but draw the line at stirrup pants. I might have a long, off-the shoulder sweater to wear with a low-slung belt, and may still have in my possession lock-n-roll curlers. I may still use them.

          The hammer-time pants, sadly, were donated circa 1991. But if I could turn back time….(picture Cher)….

          • Newt says:

            Are we two Sister by different Misters? I to might have the Clairol lock and roll curlers. I might use them… Sometimes… Maybe holidays …on a random Monday…alot… Whatevs.

            I broke my ankle today.

            I slipped on ice and bounced like a dime into another ice cover alley drive outside a Restaurant today. It hurt & I was sad and afraid….My wine was poured and waiting for me in Restaurant not even 3 feet away. LOL. I texted my friends as the front door guy freaked. My friends inside came immediately, but drank my wine first. That’s dedication.

            I had a Hot (should be nominated for the new Bachelor show that I don’t watch) Dr at the Er. thought of you and your slip. You were fitted with a collar… He suggested to my friends jokingly to tie me down when my most vocal friend mentioned how active I am. My broad smile was so misunderstood.

            Viva la Kink

            Stranger cyber hug, just cause. I knew you would get this.

  • Erica says:

    Thanks, darlin’! πŸ˜€

  • Pink says:

    This is really strange. Jory, if you’re reading this, I don’t know where your comment went. I replied to it. I see it in my comments on my dashboard, but not here. Since you are a first-time commentator, I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea. I am totally perplexed as to where it went.

    Hello and welcome, Jory! Please do comment again and see if the same thing happens.


  • Pink says:

    Newt, I am writing a response here instead of up above, where I am marginalized.

    It is late and I am incoherent, but…OMG, you broke your ankle! Were you wearing heels? Screw heels! I fell again this morning while wearing heels. We ARE Sisters from different Misters, it is certain. Hot ER doc notwithstanding, that sucks. Hoping for a quick recovery for you.

    You know what goes well with a cast? Curls. Lock ’em and rock ’em, sista.

  • Newt says:

    Gonna start with this-I am sad you fell again- Gonna segue- back to heels? If I had wiped out like you did, I’d be rocking Jesus of Nazareth sandals till the end of days.

    Me today? Heeled Frye Cowboy boots. Like I’m what? Sheryl Crow? Steve Nicks? Rachel Zoe? Fine- background singer to Willie Nelson…This Urban Hippie Princess Shite got. to. go.

    Sleep the sleep of the curled, Doll.

    I’m blissed out on excellent pain meds and ignoring the extreme fu*kedupness of what a broken ankle is gonna do with my world.
    + side, I just hustled one of my best friends into giving up her Californication series season 1 thru 4 set in exchange for certain cookbooks within my possession.
    Even trade. Hank Moody, ( as well played by David Duchovny)the Lover slash TV boyfriend I never knew I fictionally wanted. I love the f*uck out of his imaginary TV self.
    Goodnight. πŸ˜‰

  • Newt says:

    Last thing.

    THIS! This was stuck in my head. Hummed it the whole ER Vacation.
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sDflY5UfRo&w=560&h=315%5D

  • Pink says:

    I wish I could be mad at you for putting that in my head just before I went to bed — but I can’t be. Bang, Bang. Choo, choo.

    Love it.

    (Sorry for replying so late!)

  • Lea says:

    Thanks for the link! I’m just seeing this today because Blogger seems to be on the fritz in my feed again. Everything you’ve written this past week is just barely showing up. Grr… Blogger.

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