The Disciplinarian

The chair must be in the center of the room, the implements to be laid out in front, meticulously queued for his use. She must face the wall, bottom out, back arched, legs together, and lips sealed.

The punishment, dutifully chronicled in her spiral notebook, was shakily penned days before: hand spanking, paddling, strapping, finished by another hand spanking. Strokes to be determined; additional measures may be taken.

She left blanks by each entry, for later notes.

Infringement: Reckless Behavior

It would be a spanking she would feel, he promised. Long overdue, he stated with a clucking of his tongue. What you need, he said.

“Here are your rules,” he instructed as her insides quaked. “Write them down.”

Rules, she repeated, feeling the delicate roundness of the word in her mouth, learning its new definition. Until this hour, a rule had been a challenge: how could she twist it to her own liking without the rule-maker noticing — or caring?

His rules were soldiers marching across the page, in full gear and brandishing consequences. Neatly numbered and aligned, these rules stood guard against her frivolity. They were mathematical by nature — if, then statements — and held only one answer. Obey.

In the margins of the page, she wanted to tell each numbered soldier how she felt. But how does one enunciate the stillness that comes with certainty? How does one express quietude and peace married with anxiety and anticipation?

As it was not instructed, she did not attempt to write her thoughts in the margin of the page. Not even in pencil. Instead she took those thoughts to bed and prepared herself to face the wall: bottom out, back arched, feet together, and lips sealed to await her Disciplinarian.

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  • D says:

    Rules are good. They form the plumb line between what you want and what you need.

  • Newt says:

    First off, this moved me in a such way. Gawd Gurl, your good.

    What is it in us that needs that rock, that we break ourselves against? The need to insure they will be there, that they are indeed stronger of will? Even in play to crave
    real. Then once real, we shutter and quake. Knowing that the line between play & reality has disappeared to a sliver.

    D- the man behind the legend.

    • Pink says:

      Who’s good, Newt? I declare it’s you: rock we break ourselves against; they are stronger of will; shudder and quake.

      Some day soon I’m going to ask you to write something for me. πŸ™‚

      • Newt says:

        Hiya Pink, πŸ™‚
        Your sweet to say that, but honest. I was just riffing off the mental images your piece conjured. The Suitor is granite
        and I like that I am not. I break, you break, and they withdraw our true selves.

        Sap over.

        • Pink says:

          But I like your sap. And you’ve got moves like Cisco.

          • Newt says:

            Don’t forget my flashing 8 fingers like Swayze. On beat no less. D*amn, I need fries with my ~Shake~on the dance floor Gurl.
            Cisco Adler almost looked kind of cute. Not my type in a Trillion years. But still. I like his swagger.
            Only allowed sap between the first & third glass of wine.
            This self promotion is tiring work.
            Must protect the “Brand”-
            Newt Kai is trying to bring the badness back.

            Congrats on The Chross. πŸ™‚

            • Pink says:

              I agree with you about Cisco but then remember that pic that was floating around a few years ago? Remember? Balls for miles.

              • Newt says:

                Oh No YOU didn’t. Oh Yes you did.
                Had to leave me with that visual eh?


              • Pink says:

                I really did just go there!

                Got any bleach to share?

                • Newt says:

                  As I drove up a picturesque mountain to a lodge today, the rain falling on my truck, I took deep clean breathes of cold air and mused on my foray into blog commenting and Twitter. ( How ridiculous happy that I am I commented here)

                  And playing on my CD player ( a gift from not so thoughtful friends) You guessed it.

                  Its wrong to lie,
                  So I’ll just own up.
                  I rocked it hard.
                  I also now know every lyric to Corona and Lime.

                  If Suitor doesn’t come home soon and Love me up with some Slap and tickle.

                  I might be forced to call people “My Corona and Lime or My main squeeze” ” cause if the don’t like my (Shwayze) style we can take it to the streets, we can take it the streets.”

                  I’d love to tell you this is the end of this horrible thread.
                  But its wrong to lie.
                  Sister Beatrice used to tell me that every Friday.
                  Hows that for ironic? πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

                  • Pink says:

                    This thread is literally turning into one…long and skinny.

                    If you’re gonna play it, you might as well rock it.

                    I always say “own your inner freak”. And you got it, babe.

  • Emen says:

    Love it when you story on D (also big D fan here). So intense. Loved “the stillness that comes with certainty”, “quietude and peace married with anxiety and anticipation”. You and D have XX/xx. Very loving D/s relationship.

    It probably doesn’t matter to you now in your good fortune, but do you think you ever missed a great Dom? Do you think one went by you? You knew him a little maybe, met him a few times, nothing ever spoken, nothing alluded to but you think you sensed that force? Can’t remember if you’ve ever said.

    I think I missed a great Bear Dom. Stocky, strong, incredible hands, intelligent, witty, perceptive. And something underneath. Like one hot rough pinch to your clit. Then gone. He was a friend of the man I was living with and when we un-amicably broke up, Great Bear did try to keep in touch with me but I didn’t want to maintain a connection to the other man. One more reason to really dislike that guy.

    • Pink says:

      “Like one hot, rough pinch to your clit.” I like that and know exactly what you mean.

      Perhaps you will meet this Great Bear Dom again? If not him, then another? I know that I missed a few — out of fear, uncertainty and shyness. I don’t believe that people only have one shot at the true thing. When you’re ready for it, I believe it will happen.


  • Erica says:

    Congratulations, Chrossling. πŸ™‚

  • Emen says:

    Congrats on Chross!

  • Cruel says:

    Anticipation is just a word. It is a poor excuse for describing the sensations that accompany it. Somehow you always manage to leave the taste of it swirling around in the back of my mouth.


    • Pink says:

      It’s a feeling I know well — and love. Your avatar induces it, too. Wow, that’s a big, shiny paddle. Remind me to avoid that, eh?

      Thanks, Cruel!


  • Cruel says:

    “Grins”. It does have a certain seriousness to it doesn’t it. At 20 “. it has a two cheek capacity. Half an inch thick solid cherry even your bottom can’t break it. Sitting on the nightstand it presents a powerful reminder of the consequences of petulence.


    • Pink says:

      This girl is not petulant. Whatsoever. Unh-huh. So you just keep that 20″, cherry paddle from hell away from me. πŸ™‚

  • Michael says:

    WOW, Miss Pink! So erotic. So squirmily subtle yet so powerful. And knowing you, so true where art imitates life. Tis said pen is mightier than the paddle, but with you and D I would say both are equally powerful, and excite and satisfy in ways that nourish the body and mind.

    • Pink says:

      Thanks, Michael. πŸ™‚

      I have always fantasized about keeping some sort of punishment diary — perhaps this blog functions as one?

      Hope you and Season are well (as I am sure you both are).


  • Michael says:

    Forgot, BIG congratulations on this post being Chrossed, my friend. :Happy:

    • Pink says:

      Thank you! Although I no longer keep track of my daily hits, the recognition is outstanding and I so appreciate it.

      And congrats to you and Season, too!

  • 1manview says:

    Erotic to the bittersweet end.. lol .. I bet on certain days you go over the list and say, hmm, number three should get it done…

    • Pink says:

      Haha, do we know each other? Or perhaps you just know the characteristics of a bottom that can never get enough?

      Good to see you!

  • Lea says:

    “They also lend a convenient reason to spank me more.

    Who would argue?”

    Ain’t that the truth. Great post!

  • The gauntlet has been thrown and I will claim my rightful title of “Pink the Great” and all the imps will cheer. On the first jagged breath of pain, my worries cling to me. By the tenth, I feel them dissolving and escaping into the air around us. By the twentieth, I am his again, emptied yet filled, diffused yet centered.

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