She turned out the light. Her fingers traced circles before bidding temptation good night.

On her smooth pillow in her tidy bed, she tossed and turned the fantasy around in her head. To be over his lap, held between his legs, gripped tight ’round the middle until she glowed red.

Six A.M., and her pussy pulsated with the alarm. Five more rough circles, what could it harm?

This has to stop, she said to herself. I am not a slave to my thoughts or to anyone else.

But they lasted all day and into the night, those thoughts — so tempting! so indecent! so right!

They flavored her coffee and salted her eggs. They silkened her thighs and jellied her legs.

They persisted…for six slippery days, until she could stand them no longer and wrote in a haze:

Sir, it would seem most troubling indeed,
I shared my desires and discovered my need.

Yes, it is spanking, but ever much more —
your hand in my hair as I stare at the floor;

and tenderness…in each swollen slap;
and forgiveness…with each solid clap.

To be commanded and meet your demands,
to be molded by the shape of your hands.

With certainty she hit the word ‘send’ and climbed back into bed with her vibrating friend.

Clarity came like a star in the night. She warmed as she held this last thought tight: in this, it would be weaker to abstain.

Temptation may win, but her strength will remain.

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  • D says:

    Yield not to temptation, while I’m not there. Or the cane will leave marks when your bottom is bared.

  • Hedone says:

    *deep sigh*
    I do love how you write…express…


  • bree says:

    There is a lot of this going around apparently, but you have eloquently penned it yet again. *SIGH* Can’t sleep.

  • Emen says:

    Beautifully done

  • Emen says:

    If more women were walking around dreaming like this what a wonderful place the world would be.

    I always watch how women walk to see if they’re loving their butts and owning them and putting them to good use. I watch for that happy little wiggle and that sexy looseness in the stance. It’s sad how few I see. Most look like they’re just dragging them along back there, and any thought they give to the matter is that their bottoms are too big, or too flat, or too saggy, or insert your favorite here.

    If they were walking around thinking about getting spanked all that low level anxiety and self doubt could be repurposed into high quality anticipation. Spirits rise, productivity increases, people spend more money on sex toys, jobs are created, recession over.

    • Pink says:

      You do that, too?

      I always cheer (inwardly, of course) when I see a woman who is proud of her butt.

      And I really think you’re on to something with your solution to our economic woes. Although the skeptic in me would say we could expect a helluva tax added to our sex toys.

  • Michael says:

    Miss Pink, you words are so eloquent and moving, yet I believe they merely scratch the surface and give a mere glimpse into the profundity and vision that dwell within your recesses.

    When you say…
    ” …it would be weaker to abstain.

    Temptation may win, but her strength will remain.”

    …these are words of wisdom and insight as if handed down from above. You are a woman of enormous strength, integrity and intelligence who is comfortable in both the cerebral world and the sensual world. Oh, and from what D says here, you have a great ass, sweetie. :Wink:

    • Pink says:

      Where do I begin with this wonderful nugget of a comment?

      Thank you, Michael. 🙂 And I do have a great ass and “own it and put it to great use”, as our friend Emen suggests. Just doing my part…

  • Newt says:

    That whole post was so insightful and profound as Michael just said.
    And Pink,
    at the end-I actually teared up.
    However it was also so hot I had to drink two Dr Peppers. 😉

    This line was the snare that bit hard-
    “They flavored her coffee and salted her eggs. They silkened her thighs and jellied her legs.”
    Felt that Pink, Mad props.

    Shout out to Michael as well- I love the word profundity. Its rarely used anymore. Beautiful comment to a excellent post.

    • Pink says:

      Is that the cure? Dr. Pepper?

      And profundity…I need practice saying that word. I’m not sure I’ve ever said it out loud, but it is a great word and a big compliment.

      Thanks, Newt! (And I’m happy you’ve graduated to other musical addictions.)

  • Michael says:

    Hi, Newt, thanks for the nice words, and “Temptation” is a hot piece of poetry by Miss Pink. I wish I had some Dr. Peppers when I read it. Oh, well, guess I will have to quench the fire some other way.

    And that line of her’s you quote is amazing, and does just grab you.

    • Pink says:

      ” …guess I will have to quench the fire some other way.”

      You do know that “quench” means to “extinguish” or “suppress”, right? Or do you have Season squealing in the corner somewhere in your misguided, Top Logic interpretation of the word? My friend, I think the word you meant is “ignite”.


  • Lea says:

    Where’s that Facebook button *likes this* 🙂

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