Ready Red

She does not turn red, she insisted. She glowed fuschia on the rare occasions she’d reached her limit, but never the deep red as seen in videos or photographs. And to make her that red…well, it was a scary, if not impossible, endeavor.

“You’ll see,” he said last night, over the phone. “I’ll make you red. A nice, ready red.”

Disbelieving, she still shivered at his confidence.

“And what will I be ready for?” She purred. “Ready to stop? Or ready to fuck?”

“You won’t want to stop,” he laughed. “And I’m not going to lie. You will want to fuck.”

Oh yes. He had that right. The last time they met in private — outside of work — he pushed her up against the wall, rocked his hips between her denim-clad legs and worked wonders over her clothing. He teased her ear with descriptions of how he would spank her and then take her. His teeth grazed her neck, his hands pulled at her buttons but didn’t unsnap them. It was dry-humping at its finest, a whole body hump that made her wet for days.

“What makes you think you possess the magical redness powers? Why are you so darned special?” She teased, but if anyone had such powers, she’d lay odds that it was he.

“When you’re on your knees on the bed, and I’m using my hand — just my hand — you won’t doubt me…” he began.

Just your hand?” The skeptic asked.

“Let me finish…do you ever let a man finish?”

“You’ll finish,” she promised.

“Naughty, naughty girl,” he said, catching her dirty drift. “My hand won’t make you red. But I bet my leather paddle will.”

“Leather doesn’t make me red,” she interjected as she was, if nothing else, an expert on implements and their effect on her fair bottom.

“Well it’ll be a good thing that I packed some wood, then, won’t it? And no innuendos. My paddle. My wooden paddle,” he laughed.

“Uh-huh. We’ll see,” she retorted, biting back her joke. “That’ll definitely make me ready for something. But I’m not sure it’ll be red.”

“Challenge, accepted,” he said before saying goodnight.

She lost the temptation to crawl out from beneath the cocoon of covers, cross over to her full-length mirror and examine her bright, white bottom. So white they were almost blue, these cheeks would certainly pose a challenge for him tomorrow.

Red? Probably never. But she was ready to try.

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  • D says:

    Is fuschia the new ‘barely red’ ?

    • Pink says:

      For me it is!

      Although, I love how this post has inspired a challenge between us. Which implement makes me the most red? It’ll be fun finding out.

  • Michael says:

    Oh, my, I LOVE this banter! So sexy, fun and cheeky. I am placing a bet on red. Ready red. And when this color barrier has been broken I bet the sound barrier will be broken next from the noise of your lovemaking. “Oh, what a night.” To quote the Fours Seasons song.

  • dd says:

    Sorry, just can’t see her winning the challenge. As one of the fairer skinned one hard swat is all it takes, not that that seems to deter BBH who is obviously attempting to cover all aspects of the hue.

    If all else fails, Simply Red could do.

    • Pink says:

      Really? I am super fair, and I only turn deeper shades of pink. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hint of red on me. Purple (which is super ouchy). But not red. It may be due to my Germanic heritage (almost 100%). Interesting. I thought it might be a fair-skinned trait.

      But Simply Red has a nice ring to it. I guess my version of “Ready Red” is “Fuck-me Fuschia”.

      *Note: It’s been an f-bomb sort of week. Apologies if my language offends. (Ahem, D.)

  • J says:

    i have a strap,
    not just any old strap
    not a big, heavy, bruising strap
    just a small, light rubber strap
    it will make you red
    and it will make you dance


    • Pink says:

      Challenge, accepted.


      Actually, I have never been spanked with a rubber strap. That just might do it as I’ve heard that rubber is evil incarnate. (Although I love my little rubber flogger, but I suspect that it produces an altogether different sensation than a strap.)


  • J says:

    I’ll see what I can do!


    • Pink says:

      Whoa. I think I need to rethink the emoticons! πŸ˜›

      Turn that pitchfork around, and it might make a good implement.


  • Emen says:

    Rosy fuel to the fire
    How you do what you do
    I live in terror you’ll tire
    Whole body hump *heh*

    • Pink says:

      Ha…I love this, Emen. Who could tire of spanking though? Impossible!


      • Emen says:

        Not tire of spanking. Tire of blogging. I worry about this. You are the best and I am seriously, hopelessly addicted and could probably suffer permanent brain damage if cut off. So, no pressure or anything but, just sayin.

        • Pink says:

          Ha…well, thanks, Emen. I feel absolutely no pressure. πŸ˜›

          The greatest risk isn’t that I’ll stop blogging. It’s that I’ll start repeating myself. I worry that I’ll run out of things to say. But as long as you don’t mind, I don’t mind! XX

          • Emen says:

            No, you could post the same thing every day and I’d read it. But I take your point. Others might fall off along the way.

  • Lea says:

    Great post! I don’t think I turn red. Pink, easily. With some force, right to purple. Not much in between. Lol.

    • Pink says:

      Tall and slow to turn red, too. We could be body doubles, Lea! So…I might be in a little trouble. Mind taking my place?


  • Newt says:

    Have read since you began blogging. Had to delurk to tell you how much I enjoy your writing. I snort laughed at the banter. Lucky girl & Lucky D.

    • Pink says:

      Hello, Newt! It’s so nice to meet a long-time reader and I’m thrilled that you delurked. Snort laughing is the best — particularly when nobody is around to witness it!

      Thanks again for commenting and leaving such a nice message. I hope you won’t stay a stranger.


  • Emanuele says:

    What a great way to start off a new year. I was uplifted by the banter and hoping that you remain Barely Pink.


    • Pink says:

      Hellooooo, Emanuele! XX, great to see you!

      I permanently reside in the neighborhood between Barely Pink and Fuck Me Fuschia. 2012 is off to a good start!

      Happy New Year, my friend. I hope you’ve been well!

  • Berenice says:

    spanking it’s my life

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