This is not sexual, I kept telling myself as the strap struck my bottom — not sexual but punishment.

So why was I wet? Although he kept his hands at a professional distance, the state of my in-between could not be ignored. Beyond damp, I was the kind of wet that was heard with each jiggle of my cheeks, the kind of wet that required a panty change less than half-way through.

In outlining the details of this punishment spanking the week before, I knew that arousal was not a risk but a guarantee. He would question me in that intense way he has, and I’d pulsate a response. He would describe what he was going to do, and my pussy answered in a clench.

“Yes, Sir. No, Sir.

Excuse me while I finger myself. Sir.

No, he did not fuck me because this was non-sexual. But afterward, before I even touched the bed, with barely any pressure, my thumb released the climax that’d been threatening for days.

Perhaps not for others, but for me, sex and spanking are inextricably linked. That link grows louder with every lick of the cane not followed by a tongue; it grows more urgent with every thrust of his hand and denial of his hips.

Non-sexual spanking? With him behind me, measuring my color, assessing his work, I’ve already imagined tightening around him as my tender bottom grinds against his stomach.

For me, it’s always sexual, even when it’s not. Once my pants come down, I’m already essentially, imaginatively and thoroughly screwed.

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  • D says:

    With some it’s a conditional response, with you it’s innate.

    • Pink says:

      A wise person said, “it’s just the way that I am drawn.” I think it’s very true. You can try to erase the lines, but they still darken the paper.

  • Lea says:

    “Once my pants come down, I’m already essentially, imaginatively and thoroughly screwed.” Pun intended, I assume. 😉

  • Season says:

    Will I never learn my lesson? I know better than to read a new Pink post before work in the morning. Now I’ll be squirmy , squirmy, squirmy all freakin’ day. Guess Michael will just have to get me re-combobulated tonite. I so hate to bother the guy! :Happy-Grin:

    • Pink says:

      Oh yes, I feel for poor Michael. I’m sure that re-combobulating you was nowhere near his schedule for the day. I bet he adds a little extra just for the inconvenience factor.


  • Emen says:

    YES YES YES! Omfg how do you do this? How are you so inside my head (and all my happy bits)?

    Are you real? Is this legal?

    “We were looking in the mirror at the time
    I got confused and I thought your eyes were mine”

    I have thought about this so many times. I have read so many times about “punishment” vs “sexual” spankings. Trying to figure it out. Cos I don’t wanna miss nothin, ya know?

    And I truly believe there is a difference for some. And the differences are what make us so interesting. But I usually conclude that I’m probably not from this solar system or something.

    “sex and spanking are inextricably linked”
    “hands at a professional distance”
    “wetter than wet”
    “excuse me while I finger myself”

    Hotter than hot. Truer than true.

    Spank me fuck me. Spank me don’t fuck me. I’ll fuck myself. Or you can fuck me if you change your mind. All leads me to the same place.

    Happy happy spankee spankee.

    Ya just kill me girl.

    • Pink says:

      I know that there’s a difference in how punishment vs. erotic spankings make me feel — one carries guilt and the other just carries. But both, yes, lead to the same place. A happy, happy spankee who needs some time alone.

      That quote sounds familiar, the eyes one. Where’s it from?


  • Emen says:


  • Cruel says:

    I just don’t have that level of self restraint. Profesional distance be damed I would be doomed to failure.

    But that won’t stop me from trying


    • Pink says:

      Doomed to failure, huh? I guess you’re not cut out for professional level. Not that I am complaining, Cruel. There may be enough hoighty toighty professionals around here.


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