Identity on a Napkin

Perhaps it was the “Screaming Pumpkin” beer that I drank as if it were going out of style. But I’m ready for confessions.

I scrawled this web address on a napkin and passed it to one of my very best friends. Just in case she couldn’t figure it out, I wrote “I am Pink” beneath it, cementing my reveal. She already knows, partly, about me. But tonight I offered her the whole enchilada.


This is so much a part of me, that it’s hard for me to hide. When discussing sexual matters — as close friends tend to do — I feel less-than-honest when I don’t disclose this. Of course, I could reiterate my desire to be spanked and leave it at that. But this blog…it describes my reasoning in a way that I can’t vocalize.

I’ve always been a shyer person in real life than I am here. I think it’s the nature of anonymity, my super-hero mask. As raunchy as I sometimes am here, I am one of the most demure people you will meet, until you get to know me well. I blush. I get flustered. I rarely swear in public, if at all. Whole paragraphs are written in my mind while people await a simple response. It is just the way that I am.

And so, if she is here, welcome. I know that she won’t judge me. But, just in case, I offer a vanilla-friendly photo to help ease her into my reality.

From Crimson & Black

Shocking, I know.

To B, I love you so. Thank you for tonight. Please stalk me.

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  • Dioneo says:

    Wow, you’re brave!

    To B: She’s as awesome a person online as she is in real life.

  • D says:

    Would this be considered as ‘coming out of the woodshed’?
    (Hello B! Looking forward to meeting another important letter in Pink’s life. D.)

  • J says:

    Bravery, Beer or Both???????
    I am in awe that you had the courage and belief-in-self to do this. So impressed, I am!
    I hope that your friend realizes how privileged she is to have been gifted with this insight into you and accepts you fully for what you are.


    • Pink says:

      I have wanted to share this blog with so many people in my life, but B was the one I’ve always felt most safe with. It is I who is privileged. 🙂


  • dd says:

    Good luck, Pink, I hope it works out well.

    There is only one friend I can imagine telling about ttwd, who would even begin to understand. Sometimes I feel an overwhelming loneliness that such an important part of my life has to be kept a secret.

    We’re going out to dinner in a couple of weeks with the man who first spanked me and his (now) wife. Will I ask if he spanks her, no! Even though I know him very well and the answer is almost certainly “yes”!

    He spanked me through my finals at university, so I am forever grateful to him, and helped me through some of the toughest times.

    • Pink says:

      Ah, perhaps your lifestyle will come up in conversation and you will find a kindred spirit in her?

      I know what you mean about the loneliness. Although part of me firmly believes that what happens behind closed doors should remain private, another part feels isolated because it is too private.

      I think I will stop with one friend in the know. She and I may never talk about it, but it’s comforting that she knows.

      Enjoy your dinner!


      • dd says:

        Pink, we are English! I am sure we invented closed doors. I bet you 1000 spanks to 1 that the topic will never come up. It may be skirted around or alluded to but an open discussion, no way!

  • Michael says:

    Miss Pink, I feel I know you pretty well, and I consider you a dear and close friend so I know it wasn’t the Screaming Pumpkin beer that made you scrawl your Declaration of Independence on that cocktail napkin. It was your courage, strength and good heart that moved your hand. Also, you have balls, a big brass set, and that is said with love and admiration. I remember your friend, B. She revealed a secret to you too last year, her own kink of being turned on by breath play. And I couldn’t agree more with Dioneo about your awesomeness both online and in real life, Miss Pink.

    • Pink says:

      Ah, you say the best of the best things, Michael. 🙂

      And I love how you describe it as my “Declaration of Independence”. That’s fitting.


  • Erica says:

    Very clever way to tell your friend — you ARE brave. I hope it turns out for the very best. I have a feeling it will.

    • Pink says:

      Fingers crossed. As of yet, no word. (But we are the kind of friends who don’t need to talk weekly to maintain our closeness. We’ll see.)

      I have a feeling it will turn out well, too. 🙂

  • CaptainSlow says:

    Ha! Checked out the 2010 ‘partly knows’ link. Everybody is normal ’til you get to know them.

    • Pink says:

      I think that every single one of us has a kink. Even the most “normal” of people. Do you ever sit at a restaurant and imagine what others’ kinks might be? I never would have guessed breath play for her, and I’m sure that she never would have guessed spanking for me. It’s fun finding this stuff out, isn’t it?

      And, welcome Captain Slow! 🙂

  • Hermione says:

    You are very, very brave, Pink. I hope she is reading this blog and enjoying it every bit as much as we all do.


    • Pink says:

      I hope so, too. Although, I have my doubts about her level of enjoyment. It might be like me reading about furries. I could appreciate a well-written post, but deep down I’d be thinking, “WTF??!”


      XX & hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

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